Sunday, June 3, 2007

Television Vs internet-why do we like net ads better

Previously i did a post entitled 5 crimes that you do when you watch Television. It was widely criticized and some even considered it downright stupid. There was also the line of thought that the money obtained by the service provider ought to cover the cost of television!! If really covered the cost as it happens in a few services you would not be seeing advertisements in the first place. The very fact you are getting ads is a proof that the producers have not got enough! money for their efforts.

Ok just to see what will happen if we were to do similar crimes on the internet.

  1. You use the adblock on your browser and don't see the ads(even on the google search engine)
  2. Keep moving from one site to another at the same speed at which you flip channels.(Warning-It may lead to many ad publishers loosing their google account-not to be done)
  3. Save the files after having removed the ads using adblock.
There are many reasons why net based ads can be annoying, such as the slower rate at which the ads load, the improper positioning of the ads(i hate it when i have to scroll down a long list of ads before coming across something i really need to read) just to mention a few. And if you are thinking on claiming that you pay for your internet connection, so you have a right to use google (cant say anything).

That apart "When asked if they would pay to use google" a mixed response was obtained, but majority of them gave a "NO". So we do want ads on the net but not on the television.
Are we being unfair to the television (Not to be confused with the Direct-To-Home television)?

The main argument in favor of net based ads is that they are "related to the Context ". Well the very fact that they are related to what we are reading makes them more of a distraction. If that information is really that useful for me, it should come up either on the search results or at least as one of the references. So if every person removed the ads using adblock, because they are "mind numbing", we may one day not have an economic model to sustain "google".

So its a time to think of a new economic model for our net based applications or change our attitude towards these mind-numbing advertisements.