Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pacman on google homepage

The arcade game Pacman has come onto google homepage as well. After finishing the game you get the chance to put up your high score. The score can be compared with the top scorers from around the world playing Pacman on google homepage.

The game can also be played on a poped out window. The game can also be put on your website as any other google gadget or module can be added. Just goto to Pacman search results and add any of the many pacman games.Its a flash game in a module. It would be great if it was made using javascript.

The four main modules for pacman are PacMan v2.4, PacMan, PacXon v1.0 and Pacman.All the four are worth playing. The game is as addictive as it was when you played it the first time.

The games are by and large ad free, except for PacMan.For more variety in the game try PacXon v1.0.

So Get ready! and start eating the dots.

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