Thursday, May 31, 2007

Change the background color of PDF file

You need to have at least Adobe reader 7.0 or higher for doing this. It is free to download at lets see howto do it.

  1. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences (or just press Ctrl+k)
  2. A new window with the heading Preferences will open
  3. Select Accessibility as an option from the choices on the left side column
  4. Mark the custom color option
  5. Choose the required background color
  6. Press ok. Save it and the background color will be the same the next time you open the file.

You have achieved the goal of Change the background color of PDF file.You may also be interested in the following post

5 tips to make reading from the computer easy

5 tips to make reading from the computer easy

Reading very long pages on the computer can be very tiring. It feels better to read it after taking a print out. Here is a list of things you can do to make it easier to read it from the computer monitor.

  1. Get the text Read aloud using software, use adobe acrobat reader or other text to speech software’s.
  2. Use a Pre-timed scroll rate. This can take sometime to get adjusted to.
  3. Use a background color that is not very glaring. Grey would be more pleasing than white. The background color can be changed in PDF files also.
  4. Use a translucent screen to cover the monitor that reduces the intensity of light.
  5. Don’t stare at the monitor continuously. By blinking at regular intervals the strain on the eye can be reduced. Take 5-minute breaks while reading.

5 uses for the coin

The coin that we use everyday has many uses; in this post lets see 5 of them

  1. As a scratch card scratcher-The coin can be used to scratch the coating on the scratch cards-the kind you find in lotteries, pre-paid cards etc.
  2. As a drawing tool-Outline of the coin can be traced to draw a circle.
  3. Fuse blower-I really hope you don't have to use a coin in this way. The coin being a conductor can be used to short the electric current and blow the fuse. (Note: In the modern home protected by electronic trip sensors this is not needed nor can it be done. The need to blow the fuse will come only in old houses.)
  4. Creating coin art-Coin art is made by placing a piece of paper on top of the coin and shading on top of the coin using a dark pencil. The marks on the coin are then transfered onto the paper.
  5. Money-Of course it can be used for what it was made, to act as a means of commerce.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vertical Cutting and Pasting-Howto

If you want to cut or paste vertically in a word file this post explains how to do it. First of all lets see what vertical cutting means. Consider the following example,

You have a set of names, say

Alexander Fleming

Alexander the great

Alexander Graham Bell

Cutting vertically

You want to cut out only the second part of the name. But you don’t want to delete all the “Alexander’s”. Just use the Replace all function of word to replace “Alexander” with “Alexander^t”. The “^t” is the character for a tab. Now copy the entire list into an excel sheet. The first part and second part of the name are separated into two different columns.

Pasting vertically

You have a set of conditional statements and you want to add the word “for” in front of each of the conditions. Create a column with the word “for” in each row using excel. Paste the list of conditions on the column next to it. Copy both the columns into notepad and replace all the tab spaces by a space. For example you will go from







For (i=0;i<5;i++){}

For (j=0;i<5;i++){}

For (k=0;i<5;i++){}

For (l=0;i<5;i++){}

For (m=0;i<5;i++){}

The tab character can be used in notepad by selecting a tab space in word and pasting it into the replace option. It should look like a small vertical rectangle (notepad does not show many symbols but can differentiate between them).

5 crimes that you do when you watch Television

Every time you watch your favorite television serial, you are being entertained at the cost of the advertisers. So if you were to see a 30minute program with about 8 minutes of ads, the money generated from these advertisements that are run for 8 minutes provide for the creation of the serial (including actors salary etc.) and also for it to be broadcast.

Although the advertisers don’t seem to be very concerned about the viewer fraud, by comparing TV viewer fraud with click fraud, you commit a crime of getting free entertainment from the television when you--

  1. Mute the ads-As soon as the ad starts the television is muted, so that you don’t have to hear the same boring ad!
  2. Changing the channel when ads are played-The habit of seeing two serials at the same time is not new, switch the channels to see the programs in two or three channels by avoiding the ads
  3. Removing ads using computer software- Yes it is possible to remove ads from Video Streams Using Acoustic and Visual Cues.
  4. Channel surfing-Just keep changing the channels for the fun of it.
  5. Recording only the program by leaving out the ads-As the money of the advertisers not only paid for the broadcasting of the ads but also for their creation, any recorded copies of the program should also carry the ads.
So the next time you pick up your remote think again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bitty Browser-from tabbed browsing to simultaneous browsing

Bitty browser is a browser inside a web page; it allows you to browse web content on sites like Google and Netvibes.

What is its use?

Using Bitty browser you can browse different sites without having to leave the parent site. For example you could read news while watching a movie clip on youtube (as it takes time to load).

Or add Bitty to you site/blog via a simple HTML copy/paste. Retain readers as they can watch other sites from you blog. However, the speed at which it is loaded has to be monitored.

Why should I provide a version of my site that is compatible with Bitty browser?

You can maintain a closer contact with users of your service or blog. A blog reader does not allow for adding comments, view other additions to your blog etc.

A larger audience can be reached by providing content with easier access. A more detailed analysis of why you need to provide a version for mobile browsers is put up at Digital Inspiration.

Is it fast?

The response time is as good as the conventional browsers. As many as six web sites can be simultaneously browsed in a single tab using google homepage. But the advertisements put up in between seems to slow down the browser. Sites that are bitty compatible can be browsed at sensible speeds.

Netpiler-main deal

Netpiler hopes to translate the internet into utility.

  1. Link Exchange-Link to Netpiler and drop a comment on the blog, you will surely get a link back.
  2. Copyright issues-If have issues with netpiler feel free to comment--all the content is copyright to Netplier.
  3. Denetpiling-Taking internet/things apart.
  4. Advertising-analysis of different types of advertising.
  5. Howto-how to do something
  6. Uses-for everything you can see
  7. Internet-Knowledge you can use on the internet
  8. About-posts related to the blog.
  9. Etc.