Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why spam is called spam?

We come across spam everyday in various forms ranging from the common e-mail spam to search engine spam, comment spam, link spam and what not.Why do we actually call spam as spam?

"Spam" is actually a trademark of Hormel food corporation. It refers to a type of canned precooked meat produced by them. Spam was one of the few meat products that was not rationed by the British during world war II. It was the only food that was easily available to the British.

Monty Python used this in their play, the greasy spoon cafe had dishes containing one or more portions of spam. The repetition of e-mail messages is similar to the repetition of the same dish. Thus, the word "spam" is used to refer to bulk unsolicited e-mail. The word spam has also refers to other types of bulk and unsolicited input, generally done by bots. The popularity of the word in relation to the e-mail has grown so much that, spam recipes have to be advertised on the spam box of gmail.

"SPAM SKILLET CASSEROLE" has to advertised along with other spam recipes on the spam box of gmail..due to the popularity of the word spam.

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