Saturday, December 12, 2009

Automysophobia - does taking a shower help?

Automysophobia is the fear of being dirty or being perceived as dirty. Its a psychological condition in which a person is afraid of being dirty or afraid of being perceived as dirty.

How to overcome Automysophobia?

Ya the obvious way is to convince the mind to become calm and realise that its an irrational fear and be done with it. However, fear is fear as it is irrational.

  1. So can taking a shower for example, provide any relief? It may in some cases reduce the feeling of being dirty. Please note that if you are scared of the germs that will come with the water, showering may not be a good option. 9 out of 10, taking a shower does really help overcome the fear.
  2. Changing into new clothes can be helpful if the clothes have become soiled or if u atleast feel that they are soiled.
  3. Brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth can provide a feeling of new found cleanliness
  4. Cutting nails, shaving etc can also provide benefits.
  5. More important than these steps is to remember that none of these steps are overdone. Taking bath 15 times a day will suerly increase the problem rather than reduce it.
If you still feel dirty, inner cleansing methods that purify and calm the mind can also be tried. These methods could be meditation or even sleep.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Find graves online - no its not a cyber graveyard

For those of who you who would like to visit the graves of the famous and notorious, the need to find graves is over. Find a grave provides an easy to use web 2.0 model site for finding and adding graves.

If you wanted Bonnie of the Bonnie and Clyde, you can find the grave details in the site. If fame and notoriety don't int rest you, the site has the details about various war heroes and even ordinary people.

Tracing family history through the site is made easier. Its like integrating the graveyard records from all over the world. Far from being just a database of grave details, the site allows one to leave flowers at the grave without actually having to visit the grave yard.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogosphere-stop four

The journey around the blogosphere had landed us at the blog of Carl Futia, who is a consulatant and author of a book on Contrarian Trading.

Try as much as i may, i cant find even a single link leading away from his blog. Even the comments are by profiles that are blocked. So i have reached a dead end of the internet. A oneway street if you will.

Chinese spam - why would they do it to me?

If you see the comments on my last post, you will see that i am being bombarded by chinese spam. What are they trying to do?

  1. I dont understand chinese, so suerly they wont get any benefit out of that.
  2. They would be better of spamming chinese sites rather than a site with 100% english content.
  3. Randomly targetting a site should also have some logic.
So if you are the chinese guy, who is spamming me. stop it. :)

If its japanese spam and not chinese replace chinese with japanese in all the above. Both look the same.