Saturday, June 9, 2007

Is web2.0 just read write web or more?

Although there is a controversy surrounding this word..(some consider it to be just a marketing buzzword) most wold agree that web 2.0 can be used to refer to the shift of the internet towards a read/write approach. Wiki's and blogs would top the list of web 2.0 sites. customised search, content sharing would also be covered by this definition.

The small changes that became popular with web 2.0 are forgotten in this confusion. The way URL's are made has been fundamentally changed.The two main changes are-

  1. The URL contains the year and month of publication. Blogger is a good example for sites that use URL's of the type ""
  2. The URL is a single word tag. The various tagging services have popularized the idea of having the tag as the folder name. For example, we would have "" which lists all the content related to the word blog.Even wikipedia follows this method.
This trend seems to make the URL's more organised and easier to understand than using numbers and abbreviation.