Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Around the blogosphere

The word "blogosphere"is used rather casually to refer to the blogging community. But is the "blogo-sphere" really spherical?

Although blogosphere can actually be interpreted as "world" of blogs, i would like to know whether the blogosphere is really spherical. The spherical nature can be verified only by going round the sphere--right?

The trackbacks, blogrolls, comments,links in the main blog posts are the path to traverse. These links are the route that has to be followed. So if the blogosphere is spherical, i will end up at the same place at which i started after "some" finite time by following such a route.

I have decided to go round the blogosphere, just to find out if it is spherical. So journey begins...

But to reach any destination we have to follow some sense of direction. I plan to follow the following rules to find if the blogosphere is spherical.

  1. I will avoid going to the same blog twice.(it would mean i am going in circles)
  2. To prove that i visited a blog i will leave a comment on that blog. (if somebody thinks i am a freak trying to spam a blogs comments-i will just have to go back and start from the place where my last comment was accepted.)
  3. I will choose a link to follow at random.(only condition is it should be a blog)
My blog seems to be a good place to start..I was going through the blog and found "Andy Dang" in my comments. So the next stop is Andy Dang.