Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5 crimes that you do when you watch Television

Every time you watch your favorite television serial, you are being entertained at the cost of the advertisers. So if you were to see a 30minute program with about 8 minutes of ads, the money generated from these advertisements that are run for 8 minutes provide for the creation of the serial (including actors salary etc.) and also for it to be broadcast.

Although the advertisers don’t seem to be very concerned about the viewer fraud, by comparing TV viewer fraud with click fraud, you commit a crime of getting free entertainment from the television when you--

  1. Mute the ads-As soon as the ad starts the television is muted, so that you don’t have to hear the same boring ad!
  2. Changing the channel when ads are played-The habit of seeing two serials at the same time is not new, switch the channels to see the programs in two or three channels by avoiding the ads
  3. Removing ads using computer software- Yes it is possible to remove ads from Video Streams Using Acoustic and Visual Cues.
  4. Channel surfing-Just keep changing the channels for the fun of it.
  5. Recording only the program by leaving out the ads-As the money of the advertisers not only paid for the broadcasting of the ads but also for their creation, any recorded copies of the program should also carry the ads.
So the next time you pick up your remote think again.


Chris said...

This has got to be the worst advocation for submitting yourself to the mind-numbing torture of the repetitive cycles of dumb-ass commercials ever!

Do you want to sell me a PSP while your at it?

Head-On: Apply directly to the forehead.

Netpiler said...

Ok you got it right..nobody wants to see commercials, thats the whole point of the post..But where do you draw the line??

what about adsense?

There are plugins to prevent ads from loading on websites..So what if a company like google which is run by the money generated from ads where to close just because nobody wants to see ads anymore?