Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great American wall

The great state of Arizona is more intent to stop Mexican immigrants from entering the US of A. Come to think of it, its rather surprising how the land that once belonged to the native Americans is now foreign land (majority of Mexicans are descendants of Native Americans).

Its once again survival of the fittest. The native Americans should have had such strong laws about immigration in the first place, that would have ensured their descendants a proper place in todays world. Is this legal, of course as the laws are made to suit those is power. But is it right? of course its right, at least if you believe in survival of the fittest philosophy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"I am not a skinhead, am just bald"

"I am not a skinhead, am just bald"

Australian police commissioner overland.

"He is our best Nuclear safety Engineer, he will ensure your safety."

"He is our best Nuclear safety Engineer, he will ensure your safety."

Nuke security meet

Continentalism - the next wave?

People in the ancient past lived by loyalty to their king/queen or local ruler. With better communication and trade between cities the differences between the cities started to reduce, giving rise to nationalism. The growth of Nationalism made the people aware of the national loyalty rather than loyalty to a person. With the growing globalization, the differences between people are reducing.

Europe is getting into a union even if just economic in nature. There has also been thoughts of Newzealand joining Australia to form Newstralia. We cant deny the fact that people have even dreamed of uniting Canada with the United States.

May be George orwells idea of mega nations might come true in a not too distant future. But hopefully they will not be at war as it happens in 1984. The idea of different countires in a continent which have same political, religious and ecomic standing coming together is not difficult to understand. Its just nationalism at a bigger scale. May be the world is getting ready for continentalism?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gmail - increasing the digital divide?

If you try singing up for new gmail account you may be asked to give your telephone number. Yes its mandatory to have a telephone to have a gmail account. Check out the FAQ google has put up.

May be the super intelligent rich google engineers have failed to realize that many poor people in third world nations dont have telephones and depend on gmail for all communication or they just dont give a dime for the third world. Whatever the reason, it seems the digital divide is just going to get a little bit bigger thanks to the great google and its policies which will no doubt be copied by most other free email serice providers.

The next discriminaotry step would probably be stopping gmail services to third world countries. After all why do the starving third worlders like us need finer things in life like email or blogging?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When will the French ban wearing clothes?

There has been tremendous opposition to the Islamic Veil in not only France, but all across Europe. It has been rejected on various grounds ranging from security concerns to equality for women. Partial bans have been considered inadequate as they dont seem to fill the security gap.

If the question is just about security concerns or equality for Women, why was a ban imposed on "burkini" swim? How could a women swimming in a pool be a security concern? how does woman wanting to swim with her clothes unequal?

Once again its very evident that Europe is not a melting pot, but rather the same old Christian kingdom. Its a long way from accepting cultures other than there own. If tomorrow the french decide that its against their culture to wear clothes, would they ask everybody in France to roam naked?

It has been argued that the French are just implementing the opposite of whats in force in the middle east. This seems to further add to the notion that the Europeans have the same sense of freedom and equality as the middle east. It seems the French have forgotten the principles of freedom that they owed to defend in the French revolution.