Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Evil turns good

The recent popularity of Harry potter books signifies a break from the popular belief held in the Post-Christian European cultures. We have come a long way from the days when anybody suspected of witchcraft was burned alive to hero worshiping the same wizards.

The sequel pirates of the Caribbean went along way in painting more acceptable picture of the pirates.The pirates have come to be accepted as the "good guys" from being the "bad guys" in the movies.

Does this suggest a tendency we as a people are developing to admire the evil or is just the end of European influence on popularity?

Both the pirates and the witch's are held as evil in the European context. With a change in the cultural context the witch and the pirate can be seen as more sane creatures. As the globe shrinks, we develop a more unified culture which reflects what was good in every group. The pirates were cruel merciless robbers but the society wants to appreciate the bravery and skill in them.

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