Thursday, May 31, 2007

5 uses for the coin

The coin that we use everyday has many uses; in this post lets see 5 of them

  1. As a scratch card scratcher-The coin can be used to scratch the coating on the scratch cards-the kind you find in lotteries, pre-paid cards etc.
  2. As a drawing tool-Outline of the coin can be traced to draw a circle.
  3. Fuse blower-I really hope you don't have to use a coin in this way. The coin being a conductor can be used to short the electric current and blow the fuse. (Note: In the modern home protected by electronic trip sensors this is not needed nor can it be done. The need to blow the fuse will come only in old houses.)
  4. Creating coin art-Coin art is made by placing a piece of paper on top of the coin and shading on top of the coin using a dark pencil. The marks on the coin are then transfered onto the paper.
  5. Money-Of course it can be used for what it was made, to act as a means of commerce.

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