Sunday, April 11, 2010

Continentalism - the next wave?

People in the ancient past lived by loyalty to their king/queen or local ruler. With better communication and trade between cities the differences between the cities started to reduce, giving rise to nationalism. The growth of Nationalism made the people aware of the national loyalty rather than loyalty to a person. With the growing globalization, the differences between people are reducing.

Europe is getting into a union even if just economic in nature. There has also been thoughts of Newzealand joining Australia to form Newstralia. We cant deny the fact that people have even dreamed of uniting Canada with the United States.

May be George orwells idea of mega nations might come true in a not too distant future. But hopefully they will not be at war as it happens in 1984. The idea of different countires in a continent which have same political, religious and ecomic standing coming together is not difficult to understand. Its just nationalism at a bigger scale. May be the world is getting ready for continentalism?

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