Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The world without US - propaganda?

I saw a documentary about the disasters the world would face if WE stopped interfering with world affairs. Its very ironically named "The world without US", emphasizing the fact that we consider ourselves the center of the world.

The movie goes on to show Europe in bad light for not having done anything to stop the carnage in Bosnia and later in Kosovo. Typical of any propaganda movie, it tries to shift the blame on others than to show the facts as they are.

Japan is accused of using the US navy for its defense when it could pay for its own defense. But the movie very cleverly ignores the fact that, it was the US which destroyed the Japanese navy, dropped not one but two atom bombs on the small island before occupying the bases that now serve as American bases. The "documentary" also fails to mention the fact that Japanese are actually paying the Americans for the service of being occupied. The Japanese are not keen on the Americans staying, but thats not the picture painted in the movie.

The movie further goes on to show clippings from communist propaganda movies, which seems a bit out of place. Taiwan is shown in the ruins of a nuclear war due to the lack of American intervention. How much of it is truth? With very clear indications of a typical propaganda material, the documentary tries desperately to rectify the image of America in the eyes of the world.

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